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Rental Container tilter

Price : $ 140.00 / day
Location : FL 33619 Tampa
Owner :owg
Account :Rental Business

20ft Hydraulic Container Tilter - Ideal for loading bulk: Scrap Metal, Waste, Grain, Wood Chip, Glass for Export

Hydraulic Container Tilters - The only proven way to lift 20ft container of a trailer for bulk loading.

The tilter will hydraulically tilt a 20ft shipping container to 90 degrese then open\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s the container doors ready for bulk product to be loaded. When your product is fully loaded the container doors are then closed and container is re-positioned back onto the trailer deck. The container tilters have a intergrated scale syetme to accuritally weigh your product and also comes with a remote control operation. 




Rental Time Interval
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Daily price $ 140.00
Weekend Price $ 280.00
Weekly price $ 980.00
Monthly price $ 3,920.00
Accepted Payments
  • Cash -
  • Check -
  • Credit Card
Deposit $ 4,000.00 (Deposit & first months rent required up front, Delivery fee\\\'s may apply)