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Rental Smith and wesson 500, 50 cal revolver

Price : $ 50.00 / day
Location : CA 92123 San Diego
Owner :bigdaddyusmc
Account :Individual


We offer you the opportunity to shoot a 50 caliber hand gun at a local indoor shooting range.

$50  1/2 hour ,This price is for a single shooter only

Seeing this is a firearm & I can not let it out of my sight , this rental is only for 1/2 hour only at the indoor shooting range. Renter will not be allowed to take this gun anywhere with out me being present. In onther words, I stay with the gun at all times.

You meet me at a local indoor shooting range , you buy the ammo , you pay the range fee

I provide the most Powerful Production Hang gun ever made.

Smith & Wesson 500 Revolver ( 50 Caliber ) 8 3/8 inch barrel

This gun is not toys , it can & will hurt / kill someone if not handled in a totally safe manor. ALL shooter will shot these guns at their own risk. I or the shooting range will not be held liable for any injury incurred while shooting these guns.You shot at your own risk. All firing of these guns will be done under my close supervision.
Any act of negligence or failing to comply with ALL of my commands  , ALL the rules & commands of the shooting range employees or the commands given by the Range Master will mean an immediate end of the shooting session with NO REFUNDS

Rental Time Interval
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  • Tuesday -
  • Wednesday -
  • Thursday -
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  • Saturday -
  • Sunday

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Daily price $ 50.00
Weekend Price $ 100.00
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