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Price : $ 25.00 / day
Location : WA 98116 Seattle
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The Xrite Eye-One Display 2 is an, easy-to-use, powerful solution that provides the best monitor profile quality ever! With enhancements to both hardware and software, you'll achieve consistent, predictable color on all types of monitors (LCD and CRT). Eye-One Display 2 features an enhanced sensor providing higher repeatability, faster measurements and higher sensitivity in the dark areas for better control in shadow detail and a more neutral gray scale.

Its lightweight, sleek design is the same as the original Eye-One Display and comes with an Ambient light head (which also acts as a dust protector), a built-in counterweight for LCD displays plus an integrated suction cup for CRTs.

The included Eye-One Match 3.0 software has an easy-to-use interface and even provides an Easy Mode for great results with a few simple clicks. And for all monitors supporting the DDC/CI standards, you'll achieve one button push monitor profiling. The Advanced Mode allows experienced users to achieve individual and best possible monitor calibration with new features such as selection of different monitor white points, custom luminance settings and detailed profile summary. When you're ready to profile all your input and output devices, use the generous upgrade voucher* towards the purchase of other Eye-One solutions.

Key Features

• Calibrates LCD and CRT Displays
Eye-One Display 2 monitor profiling solution calibrates and profiles LCD and CRT displays and provides true "one button" color management for DDC/CI compliant monitors
• Latest Color Measurement Device
The Eye-One Display 2 compact colorimeter for emissive color measurements offers the same sleek lightweight design as the original Eye-One Display
• Enhanced Sensor
You'll Get the highest repeatability for consistent calibration and profiling results with fast measurements for quick profiling and high sensitivity in dark areas for better control in shadow detail and more neutral gray scale. The detachable ambient light head is used to capture ambient light measurements - also serves as a dust protector for your device!
• Simple to Use
The USB powered Eye-One Display 2 easily attaches to both LCD and CRT monitors with built-in counterweight and suction cups, and it can be use at multiple workstations with no additional licensing fee
• Eye-One Match 3.O software
The Eye-One Match 3.0 software's easy-to-use interface provides an Easy Mode for great results with a few simple clicks, plus an Advanced Mode for experienced users to achieve individual and best possible monitor calibration.

This software includes enhanced monitor features such as:

    • Automatic hardware control through DDC/CI interface - no manual adjustments needed for brightness, contrast or white point!
    • User definable luminance settings for better color agreement on multiple monitors
    • Chromatic adaptation formula for a closer visual match of different monitors (or of different settings on one monitor) with different white points
    • Gray balance optimization for more neutral and better defined grays
    • Profile summary report ideal for post profile analysis
    • Profile reminder to ensure true and reliable color over time
    • Ambient light check procedure to determine optimal ambient light conditions for color critical work

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