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Suzuki Hayabusa

Rental Suzuki hayabusa (free delivery and pickup to your home or hotel)

Price : $ 200.00 / day
Location : CA 92660 Newport Beach
Owner :jr4488
Account :Rental Business

2008 Model

The Suzuki Hayabusa requires a motorcycle endorsement and at least fifteen years of riding experience. You must be at least 35 years old to rent the Hayabusa. We will make exceptions for younger riders if you can show that you currently own a high performance sport-bike or if you have a motorcycle endorsement from France, Germany or Japan.. This bike is not for beginners.


    Our sport-touring clientele has been requesting the 2008 Hayabusa since it was introduced. We were initially hesitant to add this 195 HP superbike to our fleet because it requires an expert rider to operate safely and we were concerned that some of our customers might be riding over their heads. However, after over 100 rental days on the Concours and K1200S, none of our customers has put so much as scratch on any of these bikes. We have been amazed by the competency of our sport-touring customers and have decided that they are more than able to handle a Hayabusa.

    The 2008 Hayabusa has 15% more power than previous models. What better bike to ride the routes on the website The engine is the strongest on anything but a Boss Hoss. The brakes have been upgraded to four piston units and the suspension is suburb for sport-touring. There is no other bike like it. If after riding the Hayabusa a short distance, you feel the bike is not right for you, we will refund your money.

    The Hayabusa requires a $3,000 USD security deposit on a credit card.

Rental Time Interval
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Daily price $ 200.00
Weekend Price $ 400.00
Weekly price $ 1,250.00
Monthly price $ 0.00
Accepted Payments
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  • Check -
  • Credit Card
Deposit No deposit required