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BMW K1200S

Rental Bmw k1200s (free delivery and pickup to your home or hotel)

Price : $ 175.00 / day
Location : CA 92660 Newport Beach
Owner :jr4488
Account :Rental Business

ESA - Computer - Panniers - ABS

he BMW K1200S requires a motorcycle endorsement and at least fifteen years of riding experience. You must be at least 35 years old to rent the K1200S. We will make exceptions for younger riders if you can show that you currently own a high performance sport-bike or if you have a motorcycle endorsement from France, Germany or Japan.. This bike is not for beginners.


    The K1200S is a difficult bike to ride.  It works best when you are hard on the gas or hard on the brakes. The units we have are the original 2005 models with Version 5.0 of the software. The engine is very explosive and was subsequently “upgraded” (we call it de-tuned) with Version 7.0 software. We prefer the way Version 5.0 lifts the wheel in the air under acceleration and we have refused the upgrade to 7.0.

    Passengers will only want to ride short distances on this bike. Although not shown in this picture, the bike does come with removable bags. There is enough room in them for a solo rider traveling light.

    The K1200S received a cool reception from the press when it was introduced, but many of our staff consider this bike the best in our fleet. With the right rider, the bike can do almost anything and it is thrilling to ride in the mountains in California. The engine, brakes and adjustable suspension are suburb. There is no other bike like it. If after riding the K1200S a short distance, you feel the bike is not right for you, we will refund your money.

    The K1200S requires a $3,000 USD security deposit on a credit card.

Rental Time Interval
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Daily price $ 175.00
Weekend Price $ 350.00
Weekly price $ 975.00
Monthly price $ 4,900.00
Accepted Payments
  • Cash -
  • Check -
  • Credit Card
Deposit $ 3,000.00 (credit card deposit)