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The needles in the case.

Rental Boye needlemaster interchangeable needle system

Price : $ 2.00 / day
Location : CA 94704 Berkeley
Owner :romyx
Account :Individual

Set of interchangable knitting needles in different sizes and lengths.

This set of needles is great for quick knitting projects, especially when you don't have the correct size needles. Or if you're just learning.

The Boye Needlemaster set provides a range of needle sizes and cable sizes in a convenient carrying case.

Here are some specifications:

  • A wide range of needles sizes, from US 2 to US 15.
  • Needles are color-coded so it's easy to see which two go together.
  • A good number of cable lengths allow you to make needles 20, 24, 29 or 36 inches long.
  • Different sized cables can be purchased separately.
  • Couplers allow you to make even longer cables by connecting two together.

Rental Time Interval
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  • Tuesday -
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  • Sunday

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Daily price $ 2.00
Weekend Price $ 4.00
Weekly price $ 14.00
Monthly price $ 56.00
Accepted Payments
  • Cash -
  • Paypal
Deposit $ 10.00 (Deposit by check, will be returned at the end of the rental period. )

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