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Rental Bike for rent: balloon classic, b .f. goodrich, streamliner

Price : $ 35.00 / day
Location : MD 20740 College Park
Owner :bike123com
Account :Rental Business

More than 2700 vintage bikes and tandems for rent in the Maryland / Washington area, all on Zilok! Deliveries up to 150 miles.

If you want to use a vintage bike for a movie, show, event or just for fun, we probably have the exact one you are looking for with an inventory of more than 2,700 bikes, all on Zilok.
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We can arrange deliveries for periods of more than a day up to 150 miles around Mount Airy, MD.

Specs for this unique vintage bike:

  • Bike type:Balloon Classic
  • Brand name: B .F. Goodrich
  • Bike Model: streamliner
  • Bike Size: 26"
  • Seat Tube: 0
  • Top Tube: 0
  • Condition: Original
  • Color: Black

More details about the bike:

by Schwinn. Two tone, Rack, springer, curved light (battery damage) Horn Tank, Stripes, Huge fenders. 1940's

Rental Time Interval
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  • Sunday

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Daily price $ 35.00
Weekend Price $ 70.00
Weekly price $ 245.00
Monthly price $ 980.00
Accepted Payments
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  • Credit Card
Deposit $ 100.00 (This is the average value of the deposit for our bikes, which we'll confirm once a transaction is setup through Zilok.)