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Rental [via shipping] gary fong p1 clear lightsphere ii inverted dome

Price : $ 2.00 / day
Location : CA 92029 Escondido
Owner :borrowlensescom
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[SHIPPED ITEM] Camera Body, Lens or Accessory - Gary Fong P1 Clear Lightsphere II Inverted Dome Flash Diffusion System

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Product Features

This is a flexible, totally CLEAR VINYL diffuser with an internal snap on dome. Designed to fit a select group of flashes (see list of flashes below)
The inside of the Lightsphere is completely textured to make the light dispersion even more 'soft' than it would be otherwise!

Clear vinyl cuts down on light loss and also gives it a more sleek professional appearance while still delivering the soft diffuse light you demand. This version is designed for fast action, tight spaces and crowds. The new vinyl construction ensures a snug fit on a wide range of flash heads without the need for adaptors. Everything you asked for is finally here!

The inverted dome allows you to softly diffuse direct light with a large, soft source without creating flare on the front of your lens.

The P1 Lightsphere II fits the following flashes

- Canon 420EX
- Nikon SB-50DX,SB-80DX, SB-600, SB-800
- Pentax 330FTZ, AF500FTZ
- Quantaray 6500A
- Sigma 420, 430
- Sunpak 4000AF, 383
- Achiever 260 thru 828 - TZ2
- Digslave DFS-1
- Vivitar 273, 2800, 550/560D,

The LightSphere System is also available in non see through Cloud Version
What are the differences between the Lightsphere CLEAR and CLOUD? Which one is better for my situation? Which Lightsphere is best for any given setting is as much a matter of photographer preference and loyalty as anything. Many pros carry both styles in their gear bag for varying lighting situations.

Both Lightspheres provide excellent diffusion and studio quality light from your on-camera flash. Both are made of flexible, premium grade vinyl and include the inverted dome made of hard, translucent plastic.

The Lightsphere-Photojournalist (PJ) is made of soft, transparent vinyl, and currently comes in two colors - CLEAR and CLOUD. The light quality transmitted through the CLEAR is somewhat cooler and a little more contrasty when compared to the CLOUD. The Lightsphere-CLEAR maximizes diffusion while minimizing light loss, allowing it to be used at greater distances. The CLEAR is highly recommended for photojournalistic assignments and general purpose photography.

The Lightsphere-CLOUD creates a more diffuse, softer, and somewhat warmer light. For this reason, it is well suited for 'portrait style' lighting situations, where skin tones and flattering light are the primary focus.

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