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Rental [via shipping] quantum instruments qflash t5d

Price : $ 9.00 / day
Location : VA 22314 Alexandria
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[SHIPPED ITEM] Camera Body, Lens or Accessory - Quantum Instruments Qflash T5D

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Product Features

Please see the detailed description and technical details at the B&H site here.

The Q Flash T5D TTL flash by Quantum Instruments is an updated version of the T4D model. It has Full Wireless TTL dedication for new digital and film cameras, with the purchase of optional, camera-specific DW series QTTL modules and receivers. The Qflash T5D has Exposure compensation in Auto and Manual Modes, Under-Over F-stop exposure indicators in Auto, a Flash Counter, visible and audible flash indicators and signal, modeling light and an improved reflector locking ring.

It is a completely automated flash head with many advanced user selectable operating modes, the perfect portable flash for any professional photographer.

Regular auto and manual flash is possible through its twin-blade sync socket. TTL flash exposures are possible with the T5D, and selected digital cameras. Backward compatible with all Quantum TTL cords and adapters.

The Q Flash uses parabolic reflectors for clean, even light spread, and the reflectors are removable for bare-bulb lighting. Flash control is either Automatic, TTL (with optional adapters for TTL camera control), Manual, or Stroboscopic. Automatic exposure control covers a nine stop range, adjustable every 1/3 stop, for a total of 25 automatic settings. Manual power can be adjusted from full to 1/64 power in 1/3 stop increments, flash power can be dialed in precisely, Stroboscopic mode can be adjusted for flash power and number and frequency of bursts for special effects. Program allows storage of up to 8 favorite settings and switching between them at a push of a button.

LCD control panel shows minimum & maximum flash distance range for each auto setting. It has both an audible and visual indication of correct exposure, displaying 'OK' & 1 beep, or 3 beeps right away and an 'UNDR' or 'OVER' in the display, telling which way to adjust the unit. The beep is switchable, or one may use the included earphone in situations where noise is distracting.

The Q Flash mounts on a camera bracket, tripod, or lightstand and weighs no more than a conventional flash.

This kit includes versatile Turbo 2x2 Battery, which may be used to power both the flash and many models of digital cameras simultaneously. With dual outputs this battery pack is ideal to be used to power a pro-digital camera outfit. The Quantum Turbo 2x2 provides programmable low voltage for your digital camera and high voltage for your flash at the same time. Now your flash keeps up with your camera, and camera with flash, or use it to power two separate flashes. Camera-specific power cables must be ordered separately.

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