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Rental Quantum instruments d13wr wireless qttl adapter

Price : $ 2.00 / day
Location : CA 95126 San Jose
Owner :borrowlensescom
Account :Rental Business

Camera Body, Lens or Accessory - Quantum Instruments D13wR Wireless QTTL Adapter

The price listed corresponds to the daily price for a rental of a minimum 3 days, with local pick-up and drop-off at our shop in San Mateo.
For a local pick-up in our shop of San Jose, an additional $15 fee will be charged for transportation purposes. Discounts are available with weekly and monthly rates. We also ship our rentals anywhere in the US via FedEx 2nd Day or Overnight, for a rental period of minimum one week.

You can choose to buy an optional insurance with us which we will offer to you once we have confirmed your reservation request on Zilok

Quantum Instruments D23wR Wireless QTTL Adapter for Canon Cameras - Provides Wireless TTL Operation for Qflash T5d when Used with FreeXwire FW10w, 7Q, 8R & 9T

The Quantum D23wR QTTL module used with the FreeXwire FW9T Transmitter will allow full wireless operation of the Qflash T5d flash model, when combined with a wireless receiver and used with Canon cameras.

Provides pre-flash metering and E-TTL II (where supported) with the Canon Digital 1D Mark III, 5D, 10D, D30, D60, 20D,EOS 1D series (all models), Digital Rebel, and Kodak Pro SLR/c cameras. Full TTL with Canon EOS1, 1n, 1nRS, 1v, EOS3, 10, 10S, 600 series, 700, 750, 850, 1000, 1000F, EOS-3, A2E, A2, A5, Elan series, Rebel, Rebel S, RT, and T90.

QTTL adapters can offset Qflash output between -3 to +2 stops (in 1/3 steps) in relation to the f/number setting on the camera. Even if the camera doesn't support fill/flash ratio, the QTTL ratio setting tracks the camera aperture as it changes, providing automatic fill/flash ratio.

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Daily price $ 2.00
Weekend Price $ 4.00
Weekly price $ 8.00
Monthly price $ 27.00
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