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Rental Texture gun

Price : $ 15.00 / day
Location : CA 94559 Napa
Owner :napan
Account :Individual

Wallboard brand texture gun

  • TEXTURE HOPPER GUN - Gun with hopper only  
  • Texture gun used for walls and ceilings giving a professional texture look on your first try. My first try looked great! It's easy to use once the joint compound is mixed with water and poured into the hopper. Ceilings are a little harder since you're shooting overhead. You get messy. Remember it's shooting semi liquid paste onto walls so windows, furniture, floors, get meassy too. Cover anything you don't want exposed. The most frustrating thing is having a compressor which isn't big enough to handle the air required for the hopper gun.


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    Daily price $ 15.00
    Weekend Price $ 30.00
    Weekly price $ 105.00
    Monthly price $ 420.00
    Accepted Payments
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    Deposit $ 25.00 (deposit by check, will be returned at the end of rental period)

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