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Rental Ducati monster 696 (2009)

Price : $ 139.00 / day
Location : CA 92101 San Diego
Owner :rentaducati
Account :Rental Business

Monster 696 - Ducati's new street fighter, redesigned and ready for action


"The 2009 Monster 696 may be a more refined creature, but it still has the attitude to back up the name... the reborn Monster 696 has the 'instant classic' potential of the original Monster 900, maybe then when we think Ducati we should really be thinking Monsters Inc."
  -Neil Johnston,

Monster 696 Specs

weight: 391 lbs
horsepower: 66 bph
lbs/bhp: 5.92
torque: 44 lb.ft


San Diego, CA (USA): Sunny San Diego... The beach, the mountains, the desert, who could ask for more interesting places to ride? We have compiled a nice list of rides, hotels, and resturants for the San Diego area (check out Rent a And if you need some help deciding where to go, check out our friends over at Sunday Morning for suggestions and ride maps.

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Daily price $ 139.00
Weekend Price $ 278.00
Weekly price $ 973.00
Monthly price $ 3,892.00
Accepted Payments
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  • Credit Card
Deposit $ 1,000.00 (credit card authorization only, will be released at the end of the rental period)