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Rent a BMW 650 Convertible || BMW Rentals by IMAGE Rent-A-Car

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BMW Car Rental and the 650i Convertible Rentals in New York City, Miami Florida, WPB FLL New Jersey, Connecticut, PA Boston Ma & beyond
The new BMW 650i Convertible features a brand new design scheme, improving what was already considered to be one of the world's finest luxury sports sedans. Futuristic design cues and state-of-the-art technology dominate this award winning vehicle, providing New York City drivers with countless features and endless amenities. Few new-model unveilings have prompted as much commotion as the new BMW 650i Convertible Car Rental, but in the end, Image Rent A Car customers are bound to agree that the 650i Convertible is one of the best BMW rentals available today. Poised for perfection, the new BMW 650i Convertible rental combines power and grace to create an oasis of automotive performance that's perfect for practically any New York City traveler. If you're looking to add an extra dash of luxury to your upcoming New York City trip, remember to check out Image Rent A Car's all new line of BMW rentals' but don't wait too long! The new BMW 650i Convertible is attracting a lot of attention these days, so don't delay and reserve yours today!

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For 2008, the BMW Rentals 6 Series features a new, more powerful engine; new standard equipment and options; and significant technical and esthetic refinements. For the new model year, the models are the newly powered and named BMW 650i Coupe; and the BMW 650i Convertible Rentals. Each is powered by a new 4.8-liter, 360-bhp Valvetronic V-8 that is also winning hearts and minds in the '06 750i/Li and 550i models. The New 4.8-liter Valvetronic V-8 Engine Under the new BMW 650i models' aluminum hood is a further evolution of the technologically advanced and unique N62 V-8 engine that powered the former 645Ci models. As such, this power unit continues with BMW's revolutionary Valvetronic system, which controls engine power by varying valve lift instead of relying on a conventional throttle. Compared to conventional valvegear, Valvetronic enhances torque, power and efficiency ' and now increased displacement further boosts torque and power. The BMW 6 Series Car Rentals' exhaust system is specially engineered to lend the V-8 engine an extra-sporty note. Actuated by engine vacuum in response to engine speed and load as well as the gear currently engaged, a movable element in the right-hand resonator is programmed to achieve the sportiest, most pleasurable engine sound within the overall legal exterior-noise limit. Three Available Transmissions, All 6-Speeds The standard transmission is the heavier-duty version of two new 6-speed manuals recently introduced. The first optional transmission is the 6-speed STEPTRONIC automatic. This combination of torque converter and 6-speed gearbox is plenty sporty ' as demonstrated by a 0-60-mph time only a tenth of a second less quick than for the manual transmission or SMG. The Sequential Manual Gearbox (SMG) is the 'third way' of driving. This is an electro hydraulically shifted and clutched, electronically controlled version of the 6-speed manual transmission; as such it is utterly different from a conventional automatic. There is no clutch pedal; the driver selects the desired mode (N, R, D, S) with a console-mounted selector lever, and can execute manual shifts via that lever or two 'paddles' on the steering wheel. The Look: Esthetics and Function With this performance-luxury Coupe and Convertible pair, the Bavarian automaker shows in yet another way 'what it can do' in terms of contemporary design. That's what makes the BMW 650i Convertible a Perfect Exotic Car Rental for your next trip to the "Big Apple" or just to drive out of town. don't forget to take advantage of our concierge level VIP home delivery of our exotic & luxury vehicles.

If you're interested in reserving a 650i Convertible BMW rental as your upcoming New York City exotic automobile, please feel free to click here to begin the quick and convenient online application process. If you would like to learn more about available engine specifications please feel free to contact an Image Rent A Car representative by calling 1-888-817-001 for more details. The new BMW 650i Convertible Exotic car rental is bound to knock your socks off, so don't delay, reserve yours today!

If you're interested in reserving a BMW 650i Convertible Car Rentals as your upcoming New York City exotic automobile, please feel free to click here to begin the quick and convenient online application process.

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