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Rental Yamaha s08 synthesizer keyboard

Price : $ 100.00 / day
Location : MA 01581 Westborough
Owner :soundclassic
Account :Individual

Professional Full Size Synthesizer Weighted Keys

Yamaha S08 Synthesizer Keyboard 

Mint condition, comes with wheeled gig bag.  From Yamaha website below:

Stylish Design. Incredible Sound. Great Action.

The S08gives you professional quality sound and performance in a stylish, lightweightpackage – and at an affordable price. In fact, it has many features that youwould expect to find only in synthesizers costing much more. For starters, it'sequipped with a full-size weighted keyboard that offers a remarkably realistictouch. It's also packed with over 700 of Yamaha's finest voices, many of whichhave been taken right from our award-winning S80 professional synthesizer.We've even added in a complete XG and General MIDI Level 2 voice set tocomplement the built-in SMF (Standard MIDI File) playback sequencer.


But that'snot all!


For the liveperformer, there's a convenient Category Search function that makes it easy tofind the voices you want on stage. And for the studio musician, we've added aUSB MIDI interface and a SmartMedia™ card slot. For those looking for anaffordable weighted action synthesizer for the studio or stage, the S08 is adream come true. 


Superb Weighted Action

The S08 isequipped with Yamaha's original Balanced Hammer Effect (BH) keyboard – a trueweighted 88-note keyboard based on the highly acclaimed Graded Hammer Effect(GH) keyboard found in the Yamaha P series digital pianos.  Although a graded keyboard is ideal forplaying piano sounds (it's designed so that the lower keys have a heaviertouch), it's not practical for playing voices such as drums and basses. TheS08's BH keyboard has been specially designed to accommodate both the need forweighted feel and quick response across the entire length of the keyboard,allowing you to enjoy smooth weighted action regardless of which voice youplay. 


Over 700 High-Quality Voices!

Frombeautiful grand pianos and orchestral instruments to punchy synthesizers andbass sounds for the dance floor, the S08 gives you the equivalent of 28 MB*worth of high-quality AWM2 voices – over 700 in all. Many of these waveformsare borrowed from the flagship S80 synthesizer. When connected to an externalsequencer, up to 16 instrument parts can be played simultaneously for composingand playing back fully-arranged songs. And because the S08 provides up to 64notes of polyphony, you need not worry about running out of notes when playinglong sustaining passages or sequencing complex arrangements. *When converted to16-bit linear format. 


Onboard 24-bit Effects 

Digitaleffects are an integral part of a synthesizer's voice architecture. And toensure the highest standards of voice quality, the S08 uses Yamaha's own 24-biteffects processing chip to provide you with a complete range of high-qualityeffects, including 17 reverb types, 17 chorus types and 54 variation effectssuch as delay and distortion.


Portable, Lightweight Design

Although theS08 is an 88-note weighted action synthesizer, its lightweight makes it the idealkeyboard for the gigging musician who needs portability yet demands the feel ofa real piano. 


Full XG and GM Level 2 Compatibility

The S08 isfully compatible with Yamaha XG and General MIDI Level 2 specifications, bothof which provide an extended range of instruments and effects over the originalGeneral MIDI standard. The XG standard also allows detailed editing of thevoices and support for external audio inputs. This means that XG and GM2sequences will sound their very best played back on the S08.


Voice Category Search Function

Havinghundreds of voices at your fingertips is a wonderful thing...that is, until youfind yourself having to look through them one by one to find that particularstring voice you liked so much. The Category Search function makes it a snap tofind just the voice you're looking for by allowing you to search through thepreset voices by instrument type – such as Piano, Organ, Bass or Strings.


Large Custom Display

Unlike thesmall displays used in competing keyboards, the S08's custom liquid crystaldisplay makes it easy to see the currently selected voice and other informationat a glance. Its backlit panel ensures visibility on a darkened stage.


Data Parameter Dial

Scrollingthrough voices and editing parameters is easier than ever thanks to aconvenient control dial.


Sequencer Playback from SmartMedia™

A newlydesigned playback sequencer lets you play back standard MIDI files (format 0)directly from a SmartMedia™ memory card. Transferring MIDI files to aSmartMedia card from your Mac or PC is smooth and easy thanks to the includedCard Filer software. The S08's Chain Playback function gives you uninterruptedplayback of up to 100 songs – perfect for live performance or simply practicingat home with sequenced accompaniments.


USB MIDI Interface

Equippedwith a USB MIDI interface, the S08 can connect directly to any USB-equippedWindows® or Macintosh® computer. This feature, together with pitch andmodulation wheels, makes it an ideal MIDI controller for computer-based musicproduction – amateur or pro.


Voice Editor and Sequencer SoftwareIncluded!

The S08 isbundled with a variety of useful software to help you get the most out of yournew investment right out of the box. Voice Editor lets you edit the synthesizerparameters in full detail from your Mac or PC to make your own original voices.Card Filer makes it easy to organize files on SmartMedia™ cards and transferdata between the S08 and your computer. Sequencing software is also included,which allows you to compose fully arranged songs with the S08 and a Windows®PC.

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