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Chassis the Drink-Serving Robot

Rental Chassis the drink-serving robot

Price : $ 700.00 / day
Location : CA 94124 San Francisco
Owner :chassis
Account :Individual

A beer keg on wheels with a personality, Chassis will dispense any kind of beverage at your party

Chassis is a mobile robotic beverage delivery system. Remote control allows an operator to drive Chassis as well as operate the beverage spigot and interactive features like eye blinks and Chassis' head-propeller. Inside Chassis is a chilled and insulated beer keg or beverage container and a pressure delivery system to dispense the beverage. A button on the remote control dispenses the drink through the spigot on Chassis' front. An intercom system allows Chassis to interact with people as he is serving: "say when!" More information at Chassis' web site.


Note that Chassis' rental price includes a skilled operator that will manage all phases of loading and driving Chassis.

Rental Time Interval
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Daily price $ 700.00
Weekend Price $ 1,400.00
Weekly price $ 0.00
Monthly price $ 0.00
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