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Rental Cake decoration frosting pen

Price : $ 7.00 / day
Location : CA 90027 los angeles
Owner :angierdz
Account :Individual
Evaluation :Rating 5/5

Electric, easy to use!!

Electric Frosting decoration pen!

Decorate cakes, cupcakes and cookies in minutes!

Fills cupcakes also!

Very easy to use

Instructive included for ideas



Rental Time Interval
  • Monday -
  • Tuesday -
  • Wednesday -
  • Thursday -
  • Friday -
  • Saturday -
  • Sunday

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Daily price $ 7.00
Weekend Price $ 14.00
Weekly price $ 49.00
Monthly price $ 196.00
Accepted Payments
  • Cash -
  • Check
Deposit $ 7.00
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Evaluation as a Owner (3)
the owner was pleasant and accommodating. The sewing machine was old but working well. The owner asked me to pay $40 to her, and not $36.30.I paid. $20 deposit were paid back. Mostly a good experience. I will do it again, but clear about your fees for the future. Rating 5/5louise132013-08-15 2:58 am
Item #284762
Fast and reliable. Rating 5/5jebulik2013-05-24 6:52 am
Item #284762
This was amazingRating 5/5annabellebelle2012-11-01 5:23 pm
Item #284762