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Rental 1 week at resort - window expires end january. other weeks avail

Price : $ 200.00 / day
Location : VA 22206 Arlington
Owner :rainbowsurfer
Account :Business

A choice of resorts country-wide. Option to use them is expiring. These are resorts rated by RCI and many are top-notch.

Booking at this late date is not as long a shot as it might seem, depending upon where you are located. Units are anywhere from hotel rooms to condo-like units with all amenities that can sleep up to eight privately. The question would remain what might be available within striking distance of you. I might prolong the "drop dead" date on this, which would make the opportunity available for another few months.

Resorts range from "simple" to award-winning luxury accommodations. The price and size of the room would be the same. I'm not sure how much they would charge me to rent out my time; I only know that you could accommodate a family of 12 for probably under $1000 (if that) for an entire week of R&R.

To get an idea of what's available, go to I'm not sure what kind of access you'll get if you aren't a member, but their telephone staff is very friendly and could tell you if there's anything that might tempt you. 

What I'm listing below is the unit I have (that I most often trade), just to give you an idea. It's in the beautiful Shenandoah Mountains. There are also wonderful places in Williamsburg, VA, and throughout the country. Rembmer, this is only an example. In lieu of a still shot, I'm sending the URL to the unit I have (which isn't presently available). See:

I listed "50" as the number of similar items available -- a wild guess -- as I know that, country-wide, there are many more than this, but am leaving this as flexible as possible.

In case you're wondering, and suspicious of a potential scam (and I don't blame you in the least) the reason I can take the unit displayed in the URL below and exchange it for a vacation elsewhere is that I "deposited" the unit for exchange at some other resort. I'm leaving for Ocean City, MD in a week and a half. I've gone to Spotsylvania, VA, Williamsburg several times, and Orange County, VA, and tend to stick to somewhere I can reach within two hours.

Depending upon where you are, and if you are interested in learning more about the Massanutten Resort (all season; new water slide, excellent golfing, and maintained brilliantly -- not to mention the surroundings just near Skyline Drive, the Luray Caverns, and an hour or so to Charlottesville, VA, home to Monticello and the U of VA), please let me know. The salespeople there are obnoxious (an invitation to their cheap breakfast was retracted when they learned I hadn't brought my husband with me!!) and the prices you would pay for Eagle Trace would be a great deal higher than what I'd be willing to sell it for. It has no mortgage; by depositing a week, I get an extra week to spend somewhere and, since this is a lock-off unit, and counts as two, it means two extra weeks per year, to be used within a few years, at another resort. My husband has since passed away and I have not been able to take advantage of staying at Massanutten or even of an exchange; the trip I'm taking next week is one we were to have taken together, but he was too ill to go at the time.

Visit Massanutten at

Meanwhile, all the best to whomever reads this. If you want a legit deal on a very well-run timeshare with a $499/year maintenance fee and some freebie weeks in the package, please consider getting in touch with me to chat. (I promise you, I am not hard sell.) I'm presently dealing with the Atty. General of Florida re a firm that bilked me in a very cleverly dishonest way (contract to sign, purchaser, closing date, etc.).


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Daily price $ 200.00
Weekend Price $ 450.00
Weekly price $ 1,000.00
Monthly price $ 5,600.00
Accepted Payments
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Deposit $ 500.00

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