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Rental Hiker dome tent (sleeps 4, fast frame)

Price : $ 9.00 / day
Location : NY 10037 New York
Owner :worldpeace
Account :Individual

Ozark Trail, hiker Dome Tent, , 2 storage areas, 2 windows and mesh, 9ft X 8ft)

This rental is for a tent (We also have a sleeping bag, etc as separate rentals if you so desire.   See our profile)




This tent is brightly colored - navy, white, and orange. The Sportiva Dome weighs in at 9.26 lbs. We use this only for car camping, because it is much heavier than our other tents, but because it is larger and easy to set up. The tent comes in a bag, sort of like a duffel bag, which zips up, and has a set of handles. 

This tent measures 9'L x 8'W x 4.3'H, and sleeps 4-people. The top point of the tent is 4 feet, 4 inches

Fabrics, Materials & Construction 

This tent uses a patented GoBeDry weatherproof system. I am not sure exactly what this means, but the fabric is “DryTek”, which is a fabric that repels moisture and keeps water from soaking into the fabric. 

The floor seams are also “DryLock seams” to prevent moisture from getting into the tent. The bottom of the tent is a “DryGuard skirt, constructed out of hardy materials. The thicker floor part comes up from around the bottom of the tent, to keep the seams away from the ground (“DryFloor design”). 

The window and door of the tent are a mesh material. 

Setup & Taking Down 

The Ozark Trail Sportiva dome tent sets up pretty quickly. The poles form an “X”, and have a small plastic piece in the center where all the poles meet. They are on a “bungee cord” and snap into each other. Once the poles are interlocked, they simply pop into clips on the spines of the tent, which is quick and easy. No fussing with trying to feed poles through sleeves. The 4 ends of the poles pop into the corners of the tent, which are lined with small, round rivets. 

Once the poles are in place, the tent is fairly free-standing. This means that you don’t have to stake out the tent in order for it to stand upright. The tent won’t be particularly taut, but is definitely usable. If you’re using a lean-to or are in a regular campground (where the tent pads/sites are really hard and compacted), you can skip staking out the tent. If you were outside in the wind, on a slope, or in the backcountry, I would say you might want to consider using the stakes. 

The fly (not pictured in the photo of the tent above) is fairly large, although doesn’t cover the whole tent. (If you aren’t familiar with a fly, it keeps rain from getting in the tent). There are a few sections of pole that snap together that form the spine of the fly. The poles pop into pockets in the fly, with a center fastener to keep it in place. Then, you place the “assembled” fly over the tent and use hooks that are on bungee cords to secure the fly to the tent. 

After taking down the tent, it rolls up and goes right back into the zippered duffle for storage. 

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Daily price $ 9.00
Weekend Price $ 18.00
Weekly price $ 63.00
Monthly price $ 252.00
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Deposit $ 75.00 (Once tent returned with no broken parts or rips, you're refunded in full. )

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