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Rental The largest permanent free-market green screen studio in ohio

Price : $ 1,200.00 / day
Location : OH 44113 Cleveland
Owner :creativehousest
Account :Business

Shoot it yourself- or hire us to shoot it for you.

Creative House Studios is the largest free-market parmanent green screen studio in Ohio.

The free market has spoken. People want a studio where they can bring their gear,
bring their crew and shoot it themselves - or they can hire us to shoot it for them.

Rental of our permanent green screen studio includes the following:

  • 50 ft x 60ft  Airconditioned shooting area
  • Three walled permanent hard cyc with two endless corners painted with ROSCO Ultimatte Video Paint
  • Cyc lit by ° K full-spectrum lights
  • 20amp Socapex cirucits with a Strand dimmer board
  • A floor load in door 12ftx 9ft large enough to drive a trunk into the green screen
  • 22 ft. tall scissor lift for easy access to the studio lighting grid
  • Seperate rooms: Full Kitchen, Restrooms, makeup and wardrobe room with two showers
  • Lighted, gated, off-street parking for over 20 cars.

Our Studio is "Free-Market" which means you have lots of options:

1.  You can book the studio and bring in your cameras, your crew, your
floor lighting and your grip gear - shoot it and edit your footage

2. You can book the studio use our team to shoot it for you, then
provide you with raw footage on a hard drive for you to edit.

3. You can book the studio, use our team to shoot it and edit the

In general our studio booking rates are as follows:

a. Book for a full day shoot (10 hours) at the rate of $1200
b. Book for half day shoot (5 hours) at the rate of  $600
c. Book the studio by the hour for a shoot at the rate of $125 per hour
(and $12.50 per six minute incremental fraction of an hour)
All booking rates include an evenly lit green screen in Studio A,
the green room & kitchen for your craft services and the Make-Up room
for your Wardrobe facility.

*Booking rates do not include studio production gear, crew, floor lights
or craft services.

Rental Time Interval
  • Monday -
  • Tuesday -
  • Wednesday -
  • Thursday -
  • Friday -
  • Saturday -
  • Sunday

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Daily price $ 1,200.00
Weekend Price $ 2,400.00
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Monthly price $ 0.00
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