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Rental Projector

Price : $ 20.00 / day
Location : CA 94117 san francisco
Owner :mackmcconnell
Account :Individual

Proxima DP2000X. Awesome Quality!

I use this setup for work quite a bit and love having it on at parties for friends to play YouTube clips or watch movies, too!


The projector, if configured to be about 10-12 feet away doesn't have any trouble filing up a very large space with crisp, colorful visuals. At home, my screen is 7" x 6" and it is not a problem for the projector. It can go much bigger if you have a big wall you want to use.

Just plug this versatile projector into your computer, VCR, DVD, or digital camera, and your event to life!. Project Websites to support your ideas. Play a movie clip for the entire room. Use a PowerPoint presentation to persuade your audience.

Please let me know if you have any questions about the Projector & Screen. I'd also be glad to demo how this thing works!

Mack McConnell

See specifics on the projector below:

full specs

Brightness (Lumens) : 1500 ANSI
Contrast (Full On/Off) : 2000:1
Weight: 6.4 lbs
Size (inches) (HxWxD) : 3.9 x 10.3 x 8.5
Throw Dist (feet) : 4.5 - 32.5
Image Size (inches) : 33.8 - 297.3

Compatibility: HDTV:
720p, 1080i, 576p
EDTV/480p: Yes
SDTV/480i: Yes
Component Video: Yes
Video: Yes
Digital Input: No
Personal Computers: Yes
Display: Type:
0.6" DLP (1)
Color Wheel Segs: 4
Color Wheel Speed: 2x
Native: 800x600 Pixels
Maximum: 1280x1024 Pixels
Aspect Ratio: 4:3 (SVGA)


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Daily price $ 20.00
Weekend Price $ 35.00
Weekly price $ 70.00
Monthly price $ 175.00
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Deposit $ 130.00 (Deposit by check. Will be returned at end of rental period.)

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