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Rental Mercedes sl65 amg

Price : $ 895.00 / day
Location : NY 10023 New York
Owner :gothamdreamcars
Account :Rental Business

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When we first added the SL65 to our fleet, we had no idea what was in store for us. What started as an experiment has turned into a car that's been so popular with our clients that we had to purchase a second one a few months later to keep up with the demand! (Don't worry, the second one is identical to the first, so what you see above is definitely what you'll get!).

Why so popular? Because the SL65 is simply an amazing machine. It's the 'wolf in sheep's clothing' of our fleet - built on the chassis of the ever-popular SL500 roadster, Mercedes' AMG division then took their workhorse, threw a pair of turbos on their already-absurd V12 engine, and turned it into a 604hp animal with a neck-snapping 738lb-ft of torque.

Renting an SL65 is also a tremendous value - it's not only one of the most cost-effective vehicles in our fleet (read: lowest priced!), it's also a dual-purpose hard-top convertible that switches from pure coupe to pure roadster at the touch of a button (no fabric rag-tops here). It's smooth, understated looks hide the beast underneath the hood - that is, until the throttle hits the floor and its twin exhausts flip wide open and leave a trail of burnt rubber and asphalt behind. This is a driving experience you do not want to miss.

Our Mercedes is loaded with options, too. It includes:

  • Fully-convertible folding hard-top
  • In-dash GPS navigation
  • Mercedes' famous surround sound stereo system
  • Luxurious leather-wrapped interior
  • Xenon (HID) headlamps
  • Active sport-adjustable suspension

As with all of our vehicles, delivery of your rental is available throughout the tri-state area (New York / NY, New Jersey / NJ, and Connecticut / CT), Maryland, Delaware, and the Northeast (including Pennsylvania / Philadelphia, PA and just about anywhere from Boston to Washington, D.C.).


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Mercedes SL65 Rental in New York

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Daily price $ 895.00
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