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Rental Playstation 2

Price : $ 10.00 / day
Location : MI 48170 Plymouth
Owner :mrdan
Account :Individual

PlayStation 2

This rental is for a PlayStation 2 console.


With this rental you will receive:

-A PlayStation 2 console with all cables and 1 controller

-3 Games of your choice from my library


Additional games can be rented out at an additional 1 dollar charge per day.


My game library includes:

-Arc the Lad: Twilight of the Spirits

-Bard's Tale

-Dark Cloud 2

-Dance Dance Revolution Max

-Dance Dance Revolution Max 2

-Disgaea - Hour of Darkness

-Disgaea 2 - Cursed Memories

-Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII

-Dragon Quest VII

-Dynasty Warriors 4

-Final Fantasy X

-Final Fantasy X-2

-Final Fantasy XII

-Front Mission 4

-God of War

-God of War II

-Grandia 2

-Growlanser: Heritage of War

-Katamari Damacy

-Kingdom Hearts

-Kingdom Hearts II

-Marvel vs. Capcom 2

-Megaman x: Command Mission

-Odin Sphere

-Radiata Stories

-Rogue Galaxy

-Samurai Legend: Musashi

-Shadow of the Colossus

-Shining Force: EXA

-Soul Calibur 2

-Star Ocean 3: Till the End of Time

-Tales of the Abyss

-Tetris Worlds

-We <3 Katamari

-Xenosaga I

-Xenosaga II

-Xenosaga III


If you have any questions feel free to contact me.



Rental Time Interval
  • Monday -
  • Tuesday -
  • Wednesday -
  • Thursday -
  • Friday -
  • Saturday -
  • Sunday

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Daily price $ 10.00
Weekend Price $ 20.00
Weekly price $ 70.00
Monthly price $ 280.00
Accepted Payments
  • Cash -
  • Paypal
Deposit $ 50.00

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