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Rental Lamborghini gallardo spyder

Price : $ 1,499.99 / day
Location : FL 33181 North Miami
Owner :ivanbravo347
Account :Business

Rent A Lambo in Miami


The Lamborghini Gallardo surprised us in a number of ways, but mostly in terms of its refinement and quality. The Gallardo is a bit intimidating initially, due to its radical styling, its dimensions, the sound of its highly tuned Italian V10, and advanced features such as its available E-gear electronic gearbox. But the Gallardo quickly became our friend and bonded as a teammate, more so than, say, a Viper or even a Corvette. Granted, it has a couple of quirks related to some of its most exotic performance options, but we were impressed with its drivability in traffic and by the ergonomic excellence of its interior.The more time we spent with the Gallardo, the more we came to love and enjoy it.

Daily Rate: $1499.99 | 3-Day Rate: $3599.99 | Weekly Rate: $6899.00

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Daily price $ 1,499.99
Weekend Price $ 2,999.00
Weekly price $ 10,499.00
Monthly price $ 41,999.00
Accepted Payments
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  • Credit Card
Deposit $ 3,000.00

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