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Rental Pig roaster / smoker / trailer mount bbq ! sweet

Price : $ 100.00 / day
Location : CO 80521 Fort Collins
Owner :bob_the_builder
Account :Individual

Show 'em who can boast the most roast!

This thing was built to cook large amounts of food!

Infact it was built to roast a pig, WHOLE! This year it took about 10hrs for our 140 pig and it was entirely too delicious and smokey to keep to myself (and 100 closest friends). Share meat so tender you literally pull it apart with your hands with all your closest friends too.

This baby is propane fired, but on smaller cuts I use lump charcole, for the whole pig a mix of propane, charcole and woodchips for mind-blowing smokey flavor.

And at Bargin Bin prices to boot!


Price is set at two day min (let's call it the weekend, from when you can hit in your pig roasting schedual to pick it up Friday, to a return on Monday), but will include: Roaster, Propane, cleaning when you return it.

Rental Time Interval
  • Monday -
  • Tuesday -
  • Wednesday -
  • Thursday -
  • Friday -
  • Saturday -
  • Sunday

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Daily price $ 100.00
Weekend Price $ 200.00
Weekly price $ 700.00
Monthly price $ 2,800.00
Accepted Payments
  • Cash -
  • Check -
  • Paypal
Deposit $ 100.00 (Hold deposit applied toward rental and security deposit by check, will be returned at the end of rental period)

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