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propane stove

Rental 70,000 btu propane stove

Price : $ 10.00 / day
Location : OH 43085 Worthington
Owner :cuisinartoh
Account :Individual

Camp Chef 70,000 BTU propane stove burner

This is a Camp Chef 70,000 BTU propane stove burner. This has leg extensions to lift the burner higher off the ground. It will easily handle a 15 gallon steel barrel (converted keg) for boiling water. This can be used for brewing beer, a seafood boil, or a fish fry. It makes a GREAT hot fire for wok cooking. The burner has an adjustible valve for controlling the amount of flame. No propane tank is included in this rental. You must supply your own fuel.

Rental Time Interval
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  • Sunday

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Daily price $ 10.00
Weekend Price $ 20.00
Weekly price $ 50.00
Monthly price $ 280.00
Accepted Payments
  • Cash -
  • Check
Deposit $ 100.00 (deposit by check, will be returned at the end of rental period)

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