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Rental Xo laptop / netbook - olpc

Price : $ 20.00 / day
Location : OR 97266 Portland
Owner :pdxwizkids
Account :Rental Business

One Laptop Per Child ideal for keeping kids entertained on long trips.

A small machine with a big mission. The XO is a potent learning tool designed and built especially for children in developing countries, living in some of the most remote environments. It’s about the size of a small textbook. It has built-in wireless and a unique screen that is readable under direct sunlight for children who go to school outdoors. It’s extremely durable, brilliantly functional, energy-efficient, and fun.

This is a wonderful computer to introduce young children to technology!  We purchased several XOs under the Give-One, Get-One program and no longer need all of them.  The laptop came loaded with a host of applications and we have since installed at least 5 more from the OLPC developer's community. 

Our youngest students enjoy the ability to create music, build stories, and create computer animated games and stories.  As well, our older students have enjoyed the ability to research on their own, read e-books, create and share videos, and analyze complex data. 

For the homeschooler, this laptop is priceless!  It is loaded with ways for kids to learn and create, with minimal direction.  I am using one with my 5 year old to keep him engaged during the summer.  He is unusually curious and is always looking for new ways to communicate.

Installed Programs include:

  • Browse: Web browser based on xulrunner
  • Journal: Object and activity browser
  • Write: Word processor
  • Read: Book/PDF reader
  • Scratch: (Computer Animation)
  • Record: Still, video, and audio capture
  • Paint: Simple paint activity
  • TamTam: Music composition and synthesis
  • Story Builder: Graphical story constructor with a variety of characters and backgrounds and simple word-processing capabilities
  • Cartoon Builder: Animate a cartoon character by creating a sequence of poses inside a filmstrip
  • Etoys: Learning / programming / authoring environment
  • Turtle Art: Pseudo-Logo graphical programming language
  • Measure: Oscilloscope, Sensors, Sound waveforms Data Logging
  • COBBLE: "Collaborative Board Game Learning Environment"

and more!!



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