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Rental Digital camera sony mavica mvc-fd75 / floppy disk / x10 zoom /

Price : $ 15.00 / day
Location : OR 07223 Portland
Owner :tommy
Account :Individual

Free reusable floppy with each rental


Now you can stop worrying about expensive and exotic storage media. For easy image storage and hassle-free portability, the floppy is the format of choice. The Digital Mavica camera uses the universal JPEG compression format to store images on your floppy, providing you with excellent picture quality and allowing you to view your images on virtually any computer. Thanks to the universal floppy, you don't have to connect a mess of wires or load drivers and adapters. And you don't need to worry about compatibility problems. Simply insert the floppy in the disk drive and see how easy it is.

This item includes 4 reusable floppy drives with each rental for free or purchase

Item is in good working condition and guarantee not to DOA

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Daily price $ 15.00
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