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Rental Sony z1u camera

Price : $ 175.00 / day
Location : CA 94103 San Francisco
Owner :azivid
Account :Business

High Definition HDV Camera


Sony Z1U High Definition Camera for Rent for $175

Multiple day discounts are available so 1 Week is $500

Affordable HD is a recent realization for the video industry. Sony's HVR-Z1U camcorder has become the company's current inexpensive HD solution. The Z1U is a 1/3-inch 3CCD camera that captures high-definition (HD) resolution video using HDV. HDV is derived from a codec that allows HD video to fit on current DV tape formats. Of the available DV tape formats, the Z1U uses the more popular type, mini-DV. The Z1U does provide format flexibility by not just shooting in HDV. The camera also shoots in DV/DVCAM formats, making it easy for the camera to be used in current standard definition (SD) workflows.

What does the HVR-Z1U sport other than HDV? The specs to the HVR-Z1U are published at the following Web site link.

My overall assessment of the physical form, style and usability of the HVR-Z1U is comparable to prosumer or low-end professional cameras. This is exactly the way Sony has marketed and priced the Z1U. There is easy access to lens and image controls for professionals and any operator can roll through the simple menu features and automated functions and buttons. This camera still retains a more prosumer camera feel.

The size of the camera is slightly larger than Sony's PD170 a prosumer SD camera and yet remains relatively light in weight. Smaller than full-sized professional cameras, the Z1U requires an optional shoulder brace (Sony VCT-FXA) to extend the base length for long periods of handheld or shoulder shooting. The brace obviously helps provide steadier looking video plus, the built in optical image stabilization is added for more stability when shooting. Without the shoulder brace, the camera does maintain good front to rear balance.

Physically, the camera looks sharp and comes with a useful lens hood/cover. The lens housing is sized for larger optics and is nicely integrated into the camera body. The black exterior with white lettering easily points out all the buttons and switches. The overall layout is balanced, intuitive and orderly. The battery compartment depth fits larger batteries adequately so they don't protrude too far from the camera's rear.

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Daily price $ 175.00
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