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Rental Nintendo wii system and one game

Price : $ 15.00 / day
Location : OR 97408 Eugene
Owner :attestalin
Account :Individual

Nintendo Wii - One Wiimote with nunchuck - Optional Games - Optional Wii Fit

Nintendo Wii

Wiimote and nunchuck

Choice of One Game included with rental.

Games availble:

  • Raving Rabbids
  • Mario Party
  • Marble Mania
  • Gold's Gym Cardio Fitness

Please contact me for pricing of additional games.

Games/Channels installed on HD:

  • Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Super Mario World 3
  • Brain Challenge
  • Strong Bad: Homestar Ruiner
  • Internet Channel (Access to the internet when connected to Wi-Fi)


Daily rental is defined as any 24 hour period:

1 Day: $15

2 Days: $20

3 Days: $25

4 Days: $30

5 Days: $35

6 Days: $40

7th Day: FREE (Pay only $40 for a 1-week Rental!)

Wii Fit is available for rent for an additional $5/day.

Weekend Rental is defined as a 48 hour period; Friday-Sunday or Saturday-Monday. A 3-Day Weekend consisting of 72 hours, may be purchased for an additonal $5, and can be rented Friday-Monday or Saturday-Tuesday.

Weekly Rental is defined as any 7 day period.

One Week Rental: $40 (includes one FREE day! You end up paying only $5.70/day!)

Two Week Rental: $70 (Includes 4 FREE days! You end up paying only $5.00/day!)

Longer rentals may be available. Please contact me if interested.

I also require a photocopy of Picture ID, as well as a signed contract for all electronics.

Rental Time Interval
  • Monday -
  • Tuesday -
  • Wednesday -
  • Thursday -
  • Friday -
  • Saturday -
  • Sunday

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Daily price $ 15.00
Weekend Price $ 20.00
Weekly price $ 40.00
Monthly price $ 100.00
Accepted Payments
  • Cash -
  • Check
Deposit $ 100.00 (Deposit by check, check will be returned, uncashed, upon return)

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