Business Benefits

Batch Inventory Upload Procedure

Zilok's interface has been designed to create an optimal user experience. Listing a rental online only takes a couple minutes. We provide to our Business Accounts with more than 100 items in one or many locations an additional service to automatically upload large inventories. The Batch Inventory Upload Procedure allows you to have an inventory of thousands of items in hundreds of locations uploaded in seconds by submitting a preformatted spreadsheet.

Don't hesitate to contact our Business Account Managers so we can help you get started. Please include in your message your contact information, the number of rental items in your inventory and the available formats of your catalogue (website, print, spreadsheet, PDF...).

Multiple Items and Multiple Locations Management

Zilok's rental platform allows you to manage thousands of rental items spread out in hundreds of locations from a single account.

Reservations are controlled online and your account will provide you with simple monitoring tools of your rental activity, availability and performance.

Seasonal and Multiple Pricing Management

Does your pricing policy include discounts for specific rental periods (daily, weekend, monthly price), or seasonal prices? Your Business Account will allow you to simply adapt your pricing on Zilok to your business.

Inventory Management and Statistics

Zilok provides advanced rental management functionalities that allow you to monitor, control and manage your rental activity online. Your Business Account will provide you valuable and transparent information about your business with key figures, statistics and reports. Our system allows you to enable hundreds of simultaneous transactions involving inventories of thousands of rental items, accessible simply through your Business Account.

Dedicated Customer Service

Zilok offers its Business Accounts a dedicated hotline for any inquiry or technical question. Don't hesitate to contact us directly for any question via email or phone using the number displayed on the left part of your screen.

    Business Accounts Key Benefits

  • Batch Inventory Upload Program with our experts
  • Seasonal and multiple pricing management
  • Ability to manage thousands of rental items in hundreds of locations
  • Analytical tools and online inventory management
  • Dedicated customer service accessible through phone and email
You will soon be able to reach our Business Account Managers by phone.