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Zilok and peer to peer renting in the Washington Post

We were happy not long ago to find a great article about Zilok and peer to peer renting in the Washington Post. Welcome to our new Members who learned about Zilok there!

Nancy Trejos tells the tale of Zilok and how the idea came about:

In the fall of 2007, a couple of friends in France were trying to hang something on a wall and didn't have a drill. They thought about buying one but somehow calculated that a drill is used only an average of 12 minutes in a lifetime. It made no sense to buy one.

You can read the whole story here. The story was also published in Detroit News

Thanks Nancy for spreading the word!


Welcome to CBS Evening News Viewers!

Today CBS Evening News with Katie Couric is broadcasting a national story about Zilok and peer-to-peer renting. From the East Coast to the West Coast, Zilok users have shared their experience renting their belongings to one another.

Welcome to all CBS Evening News viewers!
With Zilok, YOU can rent! Make money renting out your electronics, tools, vehicles, costumes, baby equipment... just about anything! Zilok is the home of all things rentable. Join our community and take advantage of more than 110,000 rentals already available in the US, rented by people like you and professionals.

We would like to thank our Members who volunteered to be interviewed, and all the great people at CBS who put together this great story. If you would like to be interviewed sometime about your experience using Zilok, please let us know as we often have urgent requests from TV, print, and web media.

You can watch the video below or on CBS website, and here's the full story.

Watch CBS Videos Online

Welcome Chicago Sun-Times Readers!

Today's edition of the Chicago Sun-Times features a great story about Zilok. From the origin of Zilok to the story of our user Antoine in Chicago, the case is made for peer-to-peer renting as a useful resource for a more sustainable way of consuming.

Welcome to all Chicagoans who are joining us after reading the story! And a big thanks to our user Antoine for playing the interview game. If you would like to be interviewed sometime about your experience using Zilok, please let us know as we often have requests from print, web and TV media.

If you are curious about the origin of Zilok, the article tells the story:

The company was founded in Paris in 2007 after a couple of friends bought an expensive drill to hang a mirror and, looking up and down the street, mused that dozens of drills probably were resting quietly in nearby closets and garages. A bit of research turned up the fact that the average drill's total working life is 12 minutes long. Zut alors! A new business for the 21st century was born.

You can read the full story on the Chicago Sun-Times website.

10,001 Ways to Live Large on a Small Budget - Zilok Hits Bookstores & Gives 15 Copies Away

We're very proud to be featured as a great resource to save money in WiseBread's new book: 10,001 Ways to Live Large on a Small Budget. To celebrate this with our community, we will give away 15 copies of the book to Zilok Members!

WiseBread's new book is a goldmine of useful tips and tricks to save money in your everyday life. Incredibly useful and practical, it will have answers to every situation in life, like:

  • 15 Ways to Make Your Clothes Last Longer
  • 7 Beauty Secrets that Cost Almost Nothing
  • How to Sound More Confident in One Simple Step
  • 20 Tips for Getting Your Security Deposit Back
  • How to Get Rid of Your Junk
  • 4 Tips for Cutting Out Cable TV Without Missing Your Favorite Shows

You can learn more about the book here, and here's the amazon link.

We want to celebrate the good news with our community, and will ship 15 copies of the book to the fastest Zilok Members to send us a message! Here are the conditions to receive the book:

  • Have an account with Completed or Verified Status
  • Send us the message before Monday, May 18th 2PM PST
  • Include your alias/username and the US address you would like the book to be shipped to.

That's it, happy frugal reading!

Welcome Men's Health readers!

Welcome to all of you who read about us in the April issue of Men's Health. The MALEGRAMS_TIME OFF section of the magazine is a monthly selection of the best things to do, see, hear, play and go to. This month for Men's Health, Zilok is the tool of choice.

Here's Men's Health take on Zilok:

So your jerk neighbor won't let you borrow his chain saw and tax day left you too poor to buy one? Hit this site and rent one from a stranger.
Then recoup the expense by renting out your own stuff.
Sharing can be profitable.

It's good to be there! Thanks to the Men's Health editors for putting Zilok on men's radar.

You can see the article here, and if you're browsing the magazine look for page 70.

PC Magazine Showcases Renting and Zilok, Metro Picks up the Story

Why buy when you can rent? That's the question Jennifer DeLeo asked PC Magazine readers. Whether it is to try before you buy or to save money, renting makes a lot of sense!

Renting has always been around but is now becoming part of our consuming culture, as more things become available as rentals. The Internet makes it all available from the comfort of your home.

This article showcases 8 useful websites to look for rentals, and when you're looking to rent beyond books and textbooks (BookSwim), DVDs (Netflix, Amazon), or an apartment (, Zilok is of course the tool of choice!

The story was picked up by the free daily Worldwide newspaper Metro (see page 13), so you may also have seen Zilok on your commute to work!

You can also check out on the Site of the Week review of Zilok back in November 2007, and this article from May 2008: Want to Rent Stuff from the Net? Try Zilok

Scientifically proven: Zilok will be the next Google!!

Sean Gourley of YouNoodle predicted, mathematically, that Zilok will become the next Google. The numbers do not lie. Neither does Sean... Watch the interview on NBC!

Sean's webiste, YouNoodle, uses savvy technology and takes over 24 factors to calculate an online start-up's potential to become the next big thing.

Watch the Interview on NBC's Press-Here:

Zilok on 33TV Dallas News as a Site that Saves You Money

Welcome to all new Zilok users who joined us after watching this story on 33TV that shows some very useful sites to save money, by bartering, peer-to-peer renting (with Zilok ;-) or by housesharing.

You can see the video below, and read the full story here. Of course by now you are familiar with Zilok but you'll be able to discover other very cool sites!

Zilok in the Huffington Post, interview by Lynda Resnick

The Huffington Post is featuring Zilok today as a green solution to overconsumption and the sagging economy. Lynda Resnick gave us a nice review in her Huffington Post column and an in-depth interview on her blog.

If you don't know Lynda Resnick you certainly know the products she successfully brought to the market: POM Wonderful, Fiji Water, Teleflora...

As an accomplished businesswoman she saw the potential of Zilok, and as a marketing guru and philanthropist she saw its societal benefits. So Lynda published on her blog an in-depth interview of Zilok's Jeff Boudier, and featured Zilok as the Business Pick of the Week.

In addition to her outstanding track record as an entrepreneur, Lynda is also a writer, author of the National Bestseller marketing book Rubies in the Orchard: How to Uncover the Hidden Gems in your Business, and a regular columnist at the Huffington Post, where she posted a story showing how Zilok is a green alternative to overcome overconsumption and the sagging economy.

Thanks a lot Lynda, we'll definitely read Rubies in the Orchard!

Zilok on WiseBread and MSN Money!

The cool guys at WiseBread released a list of 10 sites that help you save or make money in innovative ways, and we're proud Zilok made it to #1!

The original article was posted by Greg Go on WiseBread. Wisebread is a great resource for people who want to live large on a small budget. As Greg put it, Zilok is a weird name but incredibly cool concept, basically eBay for rentals!

This cool list was built when making research for their upcoming book, 10,001 Ways to Live Large on a Small Budget, which will come out in the bookstores in May 2009. We can't wait to read about Zilok in a paperback book!

The list was found so useful that it was reposted on MSN Money - Smart Spending.

Zilok is the Way to Save for NBC 11Alive in Atlanta

In this "Ways to Save" segment, 11Alive News in Atlanta shows you how you can save money by renting what you need temporarily from other people, and how to make money by renting your own things to neighbors who need them.

You can read the corresponding article on NBC 11Alive site

As 11Alive News noted, there are today about 200 items you can rent on Zilok in Atlanta. We're hoping to see this figure increase dramatically as our team will be heading to Atlanta in a couple weeks to showcase Zilok at the annual Rental Show, where all Members of the American Rental Association meet and share their experiences.

And of course, here's the video:

Zilok in Washington Post's Shop To It

Tania Anderson, writer of the Washington Post popular Shop To It blog, wrote a great article about Zilok and about how renting can help when you don't want to part with things you don't really use anymore.

As Tania puts it, "Parting is such sweet sorrow.". And if you don't want to get rid of things you may need once a month or less, then renting is definitely a better solution! What's more, with the average rental transaction making up for 17% of the resale value, you only need to rent your item 6 times to make more money than reselling!

You can read the full article here.

Hi Phoenix! ABC 15 Shows You How to Rent it All on Zilok

Smart Shopper is a show from Phoenix ABC 15 that always has good tips for getting good deals. On this piece Daphne Munro asks Zilok user Lora how she rented her tool to neighbor to help him out and make a few bucks.

ABC says in the story: Whether it's a drill, a digital camera, even a wedding dress, you can put it on the website and rent it out at a price you set. Maybe you have camping gear sitting in your garage that hasn’t seen daylight for five years, post it and you can make some good money and put your camping gear to use.

Thanks Lora for playing the interview game! And a warm welcome to all Phoenix users who joined our community after watching the show.

You can watch the video here and on the ABC 15 site:

Zilok in This Old House: A Nifty Trick for Big DIY Savings

With its TV show, Magazine and website This Old House is an excellent resource favored by homeowners all around the country. In the latest edition of the magazine you can find an invaluable collection of money saving tips for DIY projects.

We were delighted to see Zilok listed as the #2 trick of this incredible list of 50 valuable tips put together by Josh Garskof.

In the goldmine, you'll find out for instance how to save money by:

  • Shortening your dryer-vent hose,
  • Turning down the thermostat on your water heater,
  • Replacing central-air-conditioning filters,
  • Setting your computer to sleep,
  • Pruning that overgrown rhododendron,
  • Tossing the extra fridge,
  • Canceling your phone line

Make sure you check it out!

And a special welcome to all the new members of the Zilok community who learned about us via This Old House.

Welcome LifeHacker Readers, Bring Out the Laser Cannons!

This morning Jason Fitzpatrick posted a cool review of Zilok on LifeHacker. Yes, there are no laser cannons available for rent yet. And yes, we want people to find anything available for rent on Zilok!

The article on has been echoed all around the web and the Twittosphere, please keep retweeting and spreading the word!

Welcome to all our new members and keep on creating listings to save and make money while helping the community, and the environment

Renting on Zilok is extra money AND karma!

Zilok on a Big Tour Around the Country

Zilok and peer-to-peer renting is getting more and more attention. This week most NBC stations around the country have been relaying the news story that was originally crafted by Consumer Bob from KSND, often adding a local twist to it.

We would like to thank and welcome all of the new Zilok members who are joining us.

And we have a message for you. As an early member of, you are a trend-setter, a pioneer. What we want to do at Zilok is nothing less than change the World, providing a new alternative for consuming, a new way for people to save money and make money.

So please take that pioneering spirit with you and fear not uncovering new territories, creating and growing rental communities around you!

Below are some of the links to the recent news stories about us, we hope you can find your hometown in there!

Thanks again NBC and Consumer Bob

Welcome NBC San Diego viewers, again!

This powerful story by Consumer Bob shows how people can make money by giving access to the things in their garage to people around. And renting an item 6 times makes more money than reselling it!

Another big welcome to people who joined us after watching the Consumer Bob story. We hope that the San Diego community will quickly grow to be one of the most active in the country.

You can watch the full story and read about it on KSND's website

Welcome NBC San Diego viewers

Zilok was featured in the morning show of KSND, NBC San Diego this monday morning, with a three minute live interview by Jason Austell. Welcome to all the people who joined after watching the interview!

It was a lot of fun being interviewed live and watching how the choregraphy of the morning show unfolded in the NBC studio. Thanks to all of you who joined our community after seeing the story, and don't forget to spread the word so the San Diego rental community quickly grows! The more people we are, the merrier, and also the more useful Zilok will be to all of us.

And as promised, here's the video!

Welcome KING 5 viewers and all Seattleites!

KING 5's Tim Robinson chose to take Zilok to the test and show people how to use it to save and make extra money. Welcome to our new users who discovered our community through this story.

We hope that the Seattle renting community will grow strong so that Seattleites can soon find anything they need for rent from a neighbor. We know that Seattle is a very forward-thinking place for everything environmental and can't wait to see Zilok being widely adopted there.

You can watch the video below or on KING 5 website

Zilok on KPBS talking about new consumer trends

Here's an interesting article from KPBS Amanda Strouse about the new ways people are consuming: renting, trading and bartering. Our US General Manager, Jeff Boudier, gives an in-depth perspective about these trends:

I think the market of ‘recycling of goods’ (through renting, swapping, or giving away) will explode in the next five years, and not so much because of the economy, but because there is a starting shift in the way people consume. The over consumption paradigm meant: buy new, use once, store forever. Some new economic systems will arise to allow for a more efficient way of consuming, based on functionality and usage, rather than on ownership.

Which means, of course, that more and more people will join Zilok to be part of our peer-to-peer renting community!

You can read the full article here.