Make money spreading the word!

Zilok is so useful, you want all your neighbors and friends to subscribe and list all the cool things they own for rent. The more people and the more accessible stuff, the more power to Zilok members!

So we built a set of generous incentives so you can make money while spreading the word. That's the Partner Program.

With the Partner Program, we offer you a set of tools so you can invite your friends and advertise Zilok online and offline. Every new Zilok member that will have signed up using one of your tools will become your affiliate.
That means you will earn 10% of the rental commission on each transaction involving your affiliates, whether they are the owner or the renter. And that's going to be valid for a year!

Not only can you make extra money renting your stuff, now you can make even more inviting friends and visitors!

We set up many tools (and more to come) so you can get lots of affiliates:

Zilok Invitations

Zilok created for you a system that allows you to very simply send to people you know invitations to check out and sign up to Zilok. Each invitation email will include a referral email. When your friends subscribe by using this link within 15 days, they become your affiliates for a year!
And for even more convenience, you can automatically retrieve all your contacts from your favorite webmail provider.

Invite your friends now >>

Advertise Zilok

You can get easily get lots of affiliates by promoting Zilk, either online or offline.
Offline, all you have to do is give your friends your Parner Code. You'll find it with the other Affiliation Tools. When they sign up, they enter your code, they become your affiliate for a year.
Online, you can display Zilok banners on your blog or personal website. When people sign up through these banners, they become your affiliates!

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More information about the Partner Program


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  • written by Christina
  • on 2016-02-03 7:03 am
Wham bam thank you, ma'am, my quitneoss are answered!
  • written by Wind
  • on 2016-01-16 2:06 am
wow can you make it any harder to chsooe???!!!I like # 4 the best . it is very recognizable as St. George and not just one of the red rock area's of Southern UT. I also like the contrast of having a little green in the picture. It feels more balanced to me it softens it a bit the others, where it is white, blue and Red are very bold (which is also good,,, just not my favorite for this setting) If I had a second pick I would chsooe #6 from a brides perspective I think that one is the most flattering image of her (and thanks for using a normal sized bride not one that is a size 0!!!!)
  • written by Kyoujin
  • on 2012-12-07 12:58 am
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