Zilok is awarded site of the week by PC Magazine!

Zilok is the site of the Week for PC Magazine. We hope you feel the same way too! We are very happy and feel most rewarded by this award and would like to share it with you.

We were rewarded today with a most beautiful surprise, as Zilok was awarded site of the week by PCMag.com!

After months and months of hard and exciting work, it feels great to be on the same pedestal as LinkedIn and Last.fm.

But let's hear what the expert says:

"We all have a ton of stuff we barely use that's just gathering dust in the garage or closet. You could justify your purchase of that cordless drill or ski set by inventing new ways to use them between uses, but why not put them to work making money for you? Zilok.com gives you an online place where you can easily do just that and also easily find items you'll only need for a short time. The creators hope to make their site the one-stop online shop for locating anything you need on a temporary basis."

Our favorite quote: "Zilok sounds like a fantastic idea", we sure love the sound of that!


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  • written by Krystallynn
  • on 2016-02-03 7:03 am
Hey, that's a clever way of thinikng about it.
  • written by Karik
  • on 2016-01-16 2:38 am
zilok rocks
  • written by yoyo
  • on 2007-11-20 4:32 am
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