Mashable gives Zilok a beautiful review


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Kristen Nicole greeted Zilok with an enthousiast and deep coverage on Mashable last night. Beautiful review from a most authoritative source!

We were very pleased that Kristen spotted and appreciated Zilok features allowing peer to peer renting to be convenient and stressfree: "Zilok is set up in a pretty useful manner, with the ability to add items to favorites, check the verification status of a renter, set prices and terms, and choose a length of time for rental. The two most useful aspects of Zilok are probably the PayPal deposit option, which curbs the renter from having items stolen, and a shared calendar for seeing when the item will be available for rent, and selecting the time you’d like to rent the item. I really like the self-regulation for Zilok that these options present."

Thanks Kristen and the Mashable team!


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  • on 2012-12-07 5:24 am
Wow! Great thinikng! JK
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  • on 2011-05-02 7:47 am
Wow! Great thiknnig! JK
  • written by Belle
  • on 2011-04-25 6:51 am
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