Zilok – Renting : an ecological mode of consumption

Global warming, climate variations, a hole in the ozone layer, the drying up of natural resources, pollution in the water table... the environmental catastrophes of our era are closely linked to overconsumption!

For several years now, people have been searching for solutions to slow down these negative impacts on the environment which threaten future generations. Policies of severe control, anti-pollution plans, polluter-pay principles, banning of certain substances, all these plans and more are being put in place in order to save the planet.

But what if the best solution for less consumption was a more efficient use of our resources? To consume less we need to share our personal goods, thus increasing their usefulness. Living with roommates, organizing carpools, and renting are no longer simply ways of reducing costs, they can be seen as a contribution to the overall ecological effort.

Renting presents a real solution to the growing problems of overconsumption, for it replaces the buy and sell economy with a more economical approach based on usage and usefulness. Renting is thus a new more sustainable equilibrium for our economy, environment and society.


Until I found this I thought I'd have to spend the day isdnie.
  • written by Geralyn
  • on 2012-01-07 7:30 am
This piece was cogent, well-wrtiten, and pithy.
  • written by Tangie
  • on 2012-01-05 3:44 am
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