Zilok US finally online !

USA has been waiting for us, we are finally here !

Zilok.com opens today in the US in its Icarus version.

The US Icarus version is now accessible through the address http://us.zilok.com.

We have been working like hell to make this platform available to the USA. So we count on you to participate in THE new revolution on the Internet, what we like to call, the online rental revolution.

Do not hesitate to share with us your remarks, suggestion or congratulations !.


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  • written by Jalene
  • on 2016-09-03 5:35 am
You have shed a ray of sushnine into the forum. Thanks!
  • written by Ricky
  • on 2016-08-28 3:04 pm
Please teach the rest of these internet hooliagns how to write and research!
  • written by Satch
  • on 2012-01-07 7:05 am
I see, I suoppse that would have to be the case.
  • written by Jory
  • on 2012-01-05 2:21 am
This is brilliant. congrats. looking forward to using it soon.
  • written by nancy
  • on 2007-11-05 10:56 pm
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