Zilok welcomes rental professionals in the USA!

Renter’s and rental businesses have already showed a great interest in the services Zilok offers.

Zilok allows professionals to put items up for rent through the internet. Zilok’s interface follows closely the model of established online marketplaces, so professionals can use it to access new clients and increase visibility with a new online presence. This online rental marketplace for rental professionals makes it possible for any professional to manage anywhere from 1 to thousands of items!

Before publicly opening the site, we have invited some professional renters to rent out their items in “Avant Premiere”!

We wanted to welcome you all on Zilok.com in the US

P.S. : Do not waste any time, signup now for free, and start renting your items out right away!


There is a man on here doing fake business and stole my money I am getting a police report he just change is phone number too but this fake business websites is still going
Please see link below
  • written by Sweet
  • on 2019-07-19 3:18 am
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  • written by zdavfxgjxey
  • on 2012-12-13 4:46 am
Yeah, I am so glad you showed up with Michelle there. I had told her to check out your web page as well as Circle the date berofe the cake tasting. I hope that we can have a great business relationship because my brides need your services. I had no idea you were doing this business until last week when Jaime posted. I still feel horrible about the hang up phone call I am embarrassed about it as well as upset to tell my children not to call me. It was one of many calls from my children about who did what and who made who cry that day. Babysitter had no control. Again I hope we have many business ventures together!!Tawnee
  • written by Nuff
  • on 2012-12-09 7:34 pm
I was sreosiuly at DefCon 5 until I saw this post.
  • written by Aspen
  • on 2012-12-07 5:24 am
your blog link does not work.

Zilok : It is fixed !!
  • written by marilyn zweigoron
  • on 2007-11-06 1:40 am
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