PC Magazine Showcases Renting and Zilok, Metro Picks up the Story


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Why buy when you can rent? That's the question Jennifer DeLeo asked PC Magazine readers. Whether it is to try before you buy or to save money, renting makes a lot of sense!

Renting has always been around but is now becoming part of our consuming culture, as more things become available as rentals. The Internet makes it all available from the comfort of your home.

This article showcases 8 useful websites to look for rentals, and when you're looking to rent beyond books and textbooks (BookSwim), DVDs (Netflix, Amazon), or an apartment (Rent.com), Zilok is of course the tool of choice!

The story was picked up by the free daily Worldwide newspaper Metro (see page 13), so you may also have seen Zilok on your commute to work!

You can also check out on PCMag.com the Site of the Week review of Zilok back in November 2007, and this article from May 2008: Want to Rent Stuff from the Net? Try Zilok


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