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KING 5's Tim Robinson chose to take Zilok to the test and show people how to use it to save and make extra money. Welcome to our new users who discovered our community through this story.

We hope that the Seattle renting community will grow strong so that Seattleites can soon find anything they need for rent from a neighbor. We know that Seattle is a very forward-thinking place for everything environmental and can't wait to see Zilok being widely adopted there.

You can watch the video below or on KING 5 website


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  • written by Frank
  • on 2017-05-23 10:13 am
Got it! Thanks a lot again for helinpg me out!
  • written by Roberta
  • on 2013-02-10 7:16 am
The honesty of your posting shines trhoguh
  • written by Smiley
  • on 2013-02-10 7:16 am
Thanks for spending time on the cmpouter (writing) so others don't have to.
  • written by Libby
  • on 2013-02-10 7:16 am
Wow! Great thniikng! JK
  • written by Jennica
  • on 2011-05-02 9:19 am
HHIS I shloud have thought of that!
  • written by Kaylie
  • on 2011-04-25 5:21 am
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