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We've had the pleasant surprise to be featured in the news at Arkansas Matters (KARK 4 News), as a new way to save money and fight the recession by peer-to-peer renting within your community.

"We've found another way for you to save money -- by renting instead of buying popular items like kayaks, skis, and even high tech entertainment equipment. It's called 'peer-to-peer renting' and it's a new concept taking off across the country. matches you up with items you may want to rent when traveling or on vacation."

Big thanks to Arkansas Matters for spreading the word!

Here's the link to see this video at Arkansas Matters:


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Well, it depends on what you are loonikg for. I can give you suggestions of places to look, but it really just depends on what your price range is, how many bedrooms you need, if you mind living in the hood, etc.I guess I recommend using The Des Moines Register's classified section.
  • written by Marc
  • on 2012-12-09 4:00 pm
Hm I live in Des Moines too, but I am having the ploerbm with finding a house. There just seems to be nothing in the area I want. Good Luck to you Check Craigslist. I found a ton of Des Moines stuff there. Also the Des Moines Register both online and in print. They usually have quite a bit!
  • written by Leboge
  • on 2012-12-07 1:15 am
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