Save Money or Make Money Renting your Halloween Costume

Halloween is coming and everybody is already scared (of the economy)... To lighten things up, here's how people can save or make money with their costume (or anything else) by taking advantage of Zilok

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SAN FRANCISCO, October 16th, 2008 – According to Visa, Inc., Americans will spend an average of $47 on Halloween candy and decorations. But when it comes to buying or crafting the costume you’ve been thinking about for months, the price tag can be frighteningly higher. And what will become of your pricey costume after Halloween? Dead weight in the closet. The good news is with you’re now able to save money and storage space by renting your costume from someone else. And if you really want your own, make some money by renting it to a neighbor when you’re done scaring people off!

Rent your Halloween costume… from a neighbor is Ali Baba’s cave for rentals. People create listings every day to offer for rent anything they own and don’t use all the time. And in this cave you’ll find scary items: Halloween costumes! If you’re part of the 73% of Americans who will celebrate this hallmark of holiday’s, you’ll need to look good (meaning scary) when you’re off partying. And if pulling $100 out of your pocket for a one-night show pulls you off, Zilok has a better solution, with great costumes available from $10 to $20 a day.

Give your costume a second life
When you’re done trick or treatin’, pause for a moment before you put your brand new, awesome costume to rest along with the ones from previous years. Take a picture and create rental listings on Zilok, so people in the neighborhood can find and rent them from you. With costume parties going on all year, chances are you won’t have to wait until next Halloween for these creatures to start making you money.

Peer-to-peer renting is citizen consumerism
What works with costumes works with anything you’ll find on Zilok: tools, cameras, vehicles, appliances to rent from people and businesses around you. On the flipside, you can make money by listing your pressure washer, car trailer, stroller, Wii videogame system, anything you have.
When you’re renting from a neighbor instead of buying new, you help reducing the accumulation of stuff and its waste of natural resources. Acting on overconsumption doesn’t have to mean limiting our choices. It could mean buying the quality items that we regularly use and renting whatever we need once in a while.


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I have an internship with them this smemur that starts at the end of May, and when I graduate, if I like it there I can start full time I'm in the management training program, so hopefull it won't be too long before I OWN YOUR SOUL I mean run an Enterprise office.
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Thinking like that is really amzaing
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