Tell Me What You Have and I’ll Tell You What You Can Earn

With Zilok, you can make money by renting your stuff to other people. But how much money? And rent what? Zilok's Rental Income Simulator will help you figure it out.

A video game system, karaoke equipment, Blu-Ray movies in your living room? An air mattress, a party costume in your closet? A bike, a stroller, golf clubs in your garage? With these things alone you could make more than $40 a month. Take a minute to try out our rental income simulator, you’ll be amazed at how much money you can earn!

Did you know that in America 80% of the objects we own are used less than once a month? It’s just amazing to realize how much stuff we own and don’t use all the time. Most of it really. And these are all things that other people may need, too, once in a while. Rent them and start making money!

When people create an account to list something up for rent on Zilok, they have a specific idea of what they want to rent out. But once you open that door, and start looking around for what is in your closet, in your garage, in your living room, the list keeps getting longer and longer…

For people to realize how much money they can make, we built a powerful tool to simulate a rental income based on what’s in your house. Based on how often and the average price things are rented on Zilok, we are able to tell you what your rental income could be. Enjoy it and pass it along to your friends!


What an awesome way to expalin this-now I know everything!
  • written by Destry
  • on 2011-11-27 4:04 am
Whoever wrote this, you know how to make a good airtcle.
  • written by Laicee
  • on 2011-11-25 2:39 am
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