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PC Magazine published yesterday its 2008 Top 100 Websites list, and we're glad to be in it. The Top 100 list is a goldmine to find sites that are useful, trendy and have a great potential to be widely adopted by everyone. Good to be here!

Zilok was listed in the shopping category along with Catalog Choice, Gazelle.com, The Impulsive Buy, SomethingStore, Typo Buddy and Wigix. Congrats and best of luck to all, we share with you the drive to help the customer save money, spare the environment and have fun in the process.

Here's how Zilok is described by PC Mag: Is your wallet too thin to buy that sports car, D-SLR, or set of golf clubs? Got a sports car, D-SLR, or set of clubs that you aren't using? Zilok connects users who have stuff to rent with users who need to rent stuff. So instead of buying a Nikon D80, you can rent one to use on your vacation for a few bucks a day.

Here's how PC Mag editors, bloggers and analysts built the list:

Each year, a team of PC Magazine editors, bloggers, and analysts assembles to find the best Web sites of the year. We pore over thousands of submissions [...] and then painstakingly whittle the list of nominations down to 100 Undiscovered Web Sites. For our Undiscovered Web Sites list, we pick those that capture the best of the trends and memes swirling around the Web. Some of these "undiscovered" Web sites are surely known to you, and may even have large Internet followings within their particular niche, but the list's broad range of sites and categories means there's plenty of new stuff here for everyone to discover.


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