Zilok Takes First Prize at the Best Startup Competition in Barcelona!

After being elected online by people as one of the finalist of the Startup 2.0 European competition, Zilok took the first prize yesterday in Barcelona!

We're very honored to have been chosen by people and the jury as the best web 2.0 startup in Europe.

Zilok is very active in Europe where people from 4 countries are already renting their stuff from one another: France, UK, the Netherlands and Belgium.

The final of the Startup 2.0 contest was held in Barcelona, Spain, which is a perfect place to celebrate!

The jury included outstanding personalities from the entrepreneur, VC and media world, including Loic Le Meur, founder of Seesmic, Martín Varsavsky, founder of Fon, Mike Butcher and Ouriel Ohayon, editors of TechCrunch in Europe, and many others.

Thanks to all the jury members for believing in us, thanks to all our users to have made it possible, we'll make sure we're up to your expectations!


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