Zilok introduces forum boards for the community

We've been asking to our members since the beginning what they would like the most to appear on Zilok. The top request is more communication tools to chat and share with the community. We're proud in introduce our forum boards so you can do all that!

A couple months ago we introduced the feature that allows you to directly contact owners on their rental listings. We decided to go one step further and now we're bringing forum boards to you so you can ask other people about their renting experiences, what items worked best for you, what to look for when you're renting something, in fact just about anything!

This is a place for you to hang out with the community, share ideas, and help each other. You can access it all here.

With your member account you can post messages, respond to other members and create your own topic for discussion, you're in control.

To get started, we created three forum boards:

  • Zilok Café: this is the hang out place. All friendly discussions are welcome.
  • Questions and Answers: this is where you get help from fellow members
  • Do-It-Yourself and Gardening: you're renting a tool because you have a project; get some peer advice about how best to use the tools and get your project done!

Forums are a friendly place, we set up a few simple guidelines to make sure it stays this way. Enjoy and engage in the conversation!


Hello. And Bye.
  • written by tereza1986
  • on 2020-01-15 6:00 pm
I can't believe you're not playing with me--that was so heplufl.
  • written by Jennica
  • on 2012-01-07 4:31 am
I feel satisfied after redaing that one.
  • written by Lexus
  • on 2012-01-05 1:34 am
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