Put a face on Zilok part 2: Meet the founder


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Following up on The Next Web conference, you can read an in-depth interview of one of our founders, Thibaud Elziere, on the innovation and startup focused Europe 2.0 blog.

Thibaud shares some thoughts and advice about starting and developing a web-based business, and his particular experience with Zilok:

"We have enjoyed a very wide press coverage since the beginning, and the main TV channels, radios and newspapers already covered Zilok. It shows that the concept itself is very “communicative”: people are interested, they get involved, and journalists and media professionals have great material to create compelling stories.

Peer-to-peer renting, that is the C2C market, is something new that we would like to support and develop. It is the most fun part of our business model but is also the trickiest. We already get hundreds of rental listings a day posted by individuals, people.

Six months after opening up Zilok in its beta version, we are already operating in four countries with websites in three languages. We were able to do so because we have been aiming and designing internationally since the beginning. Zilok is offering people a new way of consuming, responding to today’s trends and concerns (scarcity of resources, availability of information, cost of storage, environment). These concerns are shared by people all over the world. That’s the rationale: the vision and value proposition for Zilok is valid identically in every country we approach."

You can read here the complete interview on Europe 2.0


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also check out this interview with Gary Cige at the Next Web
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