Put a face on Zilok: Video interview with Hyve Up


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At Zilok, we think that face to face is always better and safer than distant communications. That's why every transaction on Zilok is local and directly person to person. Now you can check out one of Zilok's faces on a video interview thanks to Hyve Up.

Meeting people is always useful in understanding what a company is all about. When Xavier Vespa from Hyve Up interviewed Jeff Boudier, our General Manager in the US, they talked about ways we can change our consumption behavior to save natural resources and protect the environment.

Zilok is one of many solutions. Reuse, Recycle and Rent are three ways we can easily help, every day of our lives. And by renting your stuff to the community, you also make money while others save money in the process. This is a great example of how we can change behaviors by giving the right incentives to green and sustainable initiatives, and Jeff Boudier thinks this is why Zilok is getting so popular.

You can read the article "Don't waste it, just rent it!" on Hyve Up's blog


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