A new look for Zilok Homepage!

Zilok was created for the community. The community wanted more ideas, more examples, more real-life stories. So we created a totally new homepage, with testimonials, items recently rented, and examples of what you'll find on Zilok!

Since we launched, people have given us lots of tips and suggestions about how they would like the website to evolve. We listen, we respond, we adapt, and we appreciate all this valuable feedback and conversation.

So today, we are very proud and happy to present you the new face of Zilok. This new face resembles our community and features the heart of our project: making everything accessible to people at a bargain.

You'll see some of the faces and stories behind the first items that were available on our site, you'll see more examples of cool things to rent for a project, for a weekend, for a visit, you'll see more in-depth stories about Zilok and our community.

This wasn't easy, but we're happy about the result. We hope you are too, and keep on the good work by telling us what you'd like to see changed, updated, or just what you like!

Special thanks to our members that were specially involved in the suggestions, content, testing of this new homepage: Karen, Adrianna, Zach, Brandy, Bob, Jimmy, Claire, Thierry, Valentine, Nicholas, Marie, John and Byron.

If you'd like to submit your own story about Zilok, contact us! We love to hear from you.


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