Rent safe

Zilok is doing everything to make sure rental transactions happen in full confidence. In addition there are lots of things you can do on your end to secure the process. Here are some practical advice and common sense guidelines to help you do that, as an owner or as a renter.

Our advice to rent safe

  1. Upgrade your status to become a "Verified Member" - This status is an additional tool to identify members and improve the security of transactions.
  2. Systematically ask for a phone number and an address, and verify them (make a call before meeting the other member).
  3. Check out the evaluations and ratings of the other member and/or the item before any transaction.
  4. If you're doing a transaction between individuals and are receiving a check, make sure the name on the check matches the person you are dealing with.
  5. Do not accept to make a transaction outside of Zilok. You wouldn't benefit from all the security features that we implemented within our rental process.
Owner Renter
List your rental items with confidence Rent things simply and trouble free
  • Make sure you print and have the rental agreement signed when meeting for the transaction (either the one we provide or another of your choice).
  • Systematically ask for an official ID document to confirm the identity of the renter, and ask for a deposit.
  • Explain everything that needs to be known to operate or use your rental item.
  • If you're using checks, make sure the name on the check matches the identity of the renter.
  • Refuse attempts to make a transaction outside of Zilok.
  • Attach copies of ID documents to your profile.
  • Carefully read the description of the rental item before confirming a reservation request.
  • If you need more information, contact the owner using the "Ask Owner a Question" button on the item description, before confirming a reservation request.
  • Contact the owner as soon as your reservation request has been accepted to work out the practical details.
  • When meeting the owner, make sure to ask about anything you would need to know to operate or use the item.