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Rental Korg ax1500g toneworks guitar pedal effects multiprocessor

Price : $ 10.00 / day
Location : NY 11222 Brooklyn
Owner :luthiell
Account :Individual
Evaluation :Rating 5/5

brand new condition with manual instruction

Brand new condition with box and manual instruction.

Main features
• Korg’s modeling technology provides detailed and powerful modeling sounds.
• 56 types of modeling effect variations are built-in, and a maximum of eight types of effect can be
used simultaneously.
• 48 preset programs (3 x 16 banks) and 48 rewritable user programs (3 x 16 banks) are built-in.
• You can switch between effect channels (A, B) to change the combination of the drive amp effect
and the cabinet effect without switching programs.
• Use the effect block select knobs to instantly switch the effects for each of the five effect blocks
• You can use the expression pedal to control eleven types of pedal effects in realtime.
• In individual mode you can use foot switches to turn each effect on/off independently.
• The Sample & Play function lets you record a phrase that you play (for a maximum of 8 seconds),
and then operate the pedal to play back the phrase.
• The built-in Phrase Trainer function lets you record sound from an audio device or a guitar
performance (maximum 16 seconds), and play it back at a slower speed without changing the
• A metronome is built in for practicing convenience.
• Built in tuner mute function for on stage tuning.
• An AUX IN jack is provided so that you can play along with a connected audio device.
• Use the auto chromatic tuner to tune your instrument when the AX1500G is bypassed or muted.
• The LCD (liquid crystal display) features an intuitive visual interface.
• The LCD is backlit for easy visibility even in dark locations.
What is ?
(Resonant structure and Electronic circuit Modeling System) is KORG\'s proprietary
sound modeling technology which precisely reproduces the complex character and nature of
both acoustic and electric instruments as well as electronic circuits in real world environments.
emulates a wide variety of sound generation characteristics including instrument
bodies, speakers & cabinets, acoustic fields, microphones, vacuum tubes, transistors, etc.

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Daily price $ 10.00
Weekend Price $ 20.00
Weekly price $ 30.00
Monthly price $ 280.00
Accepted Payments
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  • Paypal
Deposit $ 150.00 (will be returned at the end of rental period if NO damage to item)
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Evaluation as a Owner (2)
I must admit I was a bit leary about renting a used camcorder, but I was very pleased with the way this item was rented. The owner was both easy to contact and to deal with. He was extremely helpful,even lending me an extra cable ,which I was missing.Rating 5/5marcoveccio2009-07-15 5:28 am
Item #77200
did not have item available.Rating 5/5none12009-06-08 2:45 am
Item #77200